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Hi there!  I'm Stacia and I love animals.  I have a background in dog rescue and have had various animals of many shapes and sizes since I was a young child.  I have decided to take my love of animals and make it into a larger part of my life by starting Grim and Pals Pet Services.  Now I can spend my days surrounded by the animals that I love and help pet owners to have a safe, loving place for their animals while they're away!  I will care for your pets as if they were my own and I will keep them safe and loved while doing so.

At Grim and Pals, we use Time to Pet software to track all our services.  We accept payment through the software portal or app via credit card or bank account ACH.  For boarding and drop-ins with us, you will receive reports with pictures letting you know how your pets are doing.  We welcome phone calls, e-mails, or texts from you to check on your pet at any time during boarding.  Our goal is to help you feel comfortable when you're away and know that your pet is happy, healthy, and being loved and taken care of like he or she is while at home.  

About Grim and his Pals

Grim is a toy xoloitzcuintli (or Mexican Hairless) dog.  He is the inspiration for Grim and Pals Pet Services.  He was surrendered to All About Paws Rescue when his owner passed away and he needed a safe place to land.  We were lucky enough to adopt him and welcome him into our doggie family in the summer of 2018.  He is a work in progress, but has fun playing with his rescue pals, KitKat, Luna, Taylee, and Piper.  Grim and all of his rescue buddies urge you to adopt from a reputable rescue such as All About Paws, so dogs like them can find wonderful forever homes!

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All of our dogs are rescues and we really promote adopting from a reputable rescue or helping a fur kid in need.  We are proud supporters of rescue and are excited to have adopted 3 times from All About Paws and once from Bald is Beautiful and would love to assist any of our clients in the process if they ever decide to adopt.  It's extremely satisfying to help a dog in need and to give that animal the safe and loving home they deserve!

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