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The Background Story of Grim & Pals Pet Services

Grim is a special dog. He is a toy Xoloitzquintli or Mexican Hairless dog. When I found Grim on Petfinder in August of 2018, I was drawn to his photo. He was standing in a bunch of flowers. I had lost my little Chihuahua, Dorie, in June of 2018, and I was still very sad. It was ironic because Dorie loved to walk around and smell flowers and here was this little dog standing in the midst of some pretty pink flowers. When I read his biography, he sounded like he might be a perfect fit for our home.

After talking with his foster dad and much soul searching, we decided to apply to adopt Grim. We continued through the rigorous adoption process for this precious rescue pup and we drove to St. Louis to meet up with his rescuers and bring our new baby home. We're not too sure what happened to Grim in his "previous life" but whatever it was, either it was not good or he was simply not socialized. To put it bluntly, he is like a feral animal who never learned as a puppy that humans give love and will keep a doggie safe. It took several months before we could even approach him and pick him up and he was very fearful. He is still scared and shy around new people, but each day is a new day and both James and I love him very much.

At the beginning of this entry, I told you Grim was special and here is why. Grim exhibits at least one distinct quirk from every dog I've previously owned and lost as an adult. He has Poindexter's funny habit of resting his chin on another dog's back and walking beside them while doing so. He has Largo's funny little dark lower lip that sticks out and makes him look like he's either pouting or smiling and as in the picture below, he throws his head back and has the tiniest little howl at times. He appears to see "pixies" dancing in front of his face and watches them intently just like my little Kuka did. He is very in tune to me when I'm sad or feeling down like Cayman used to, and gives me these tiny little kisses on my nose. And he seems to enjoy flowers as much as Dorie did. He simply calms me and makes me feel like all my dogs somehow are living on through him.

When I decided to start my dog walking, pet drop-in, and small dog boarding business, I struggled for several days trying to figure out a name. If you know me at all, you know when I decide to do something I jump in full force and want it done yesterday, so I really hated that I couldn't come up with a name quickly. Then, I was talking with a dear friend and she told me she named her business after a special dog she had to honor him and that's when I came up with using Grim's name in the business name. It then didn't take long to decide on Grim & Pals, as he and our other two dogs are friends.

Starting this business has been a huge learning experience so far and I enjoy learning. It's been crazy and time-consuming, but I'm loving every minute of interacting with dogs as well as their owners. I'm meeting some truly wonderful animals and some equally wonderful owners and I'd like to thank them all for trusting me with their precious pets. I promise I will treat them kindly and lovingly and do my best to keep them safe and happy while in my care. Without the support of my family and friends and of course, all of my wonderful clients, Grim & Pals wouldn't exist. It's heavenly to do something you love as a career and I highly recommend it!


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